Saving Millions By Automating CCPA Compliance

Telecom Giant Increases Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Saving Millions By Automating CCPA Compliance

Story Snapshot

A telecommunications leader needed to replace a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process for CCPA compliance.

Results At-A-Glance

  • Millions in cost savings with an automated solution
  • Full CCPA compliance and easier auditing
  • Scalable to support growth and future needs

Key Services

  • Workflow inquiry
  • Story and journey mapping
  • Design and develop automated solution

The Challenge: Costly and Challenging to Comply

The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, came into effect on January 1st, 2020, granting new privacy rights to consumers including the right to request data that had been collected and deletion of that data. Any company operating in California must comply, and for a national telecommunications giant, compliance with the regulation was going to be challenging. Due to initial budget constraints, the company decided to address the requirements manually, assigning a person to each identifier that must be classified. However, this process involved 24 business units and 51 employees across the organization to fulfill each consumer request. Given the immense time and resources to validate consumer data, they sought an automated solution for validation, deletion, and reporting to comply with CCPA.

The Solution: Automated Compliance

The telecommunications company partnered with 1904labs to develop an automated system for CCPA compliance. Leveraging existing infrastructure, the solution works with all business units involved to replace the previously manual processes.

Our Process: Human-Centered Design Agile

Leveraging our HCDAgile process, our team worked closely with those who would be using this system and those who were completing requests manually, to understand the key pain points and needs. We developed journey maps for these users and created end-to-end process flow for each consumer request. Manually writing and running scripts was a slow process for those users, and even with low traffic estimates, those requests would be painful to fulfill. In understanding user needs, we built a system that emphasizes efficiency and automation.

The Outcomes: Millions in Cost Savings

With an automated system, the telecom giant now has a more efficient, cost-effective way to comply with CCPA. Some key results include:

  • Saving millions of dollars in time and resources with an automated solution
  • Easier access to the required consumer data in a timely matter
  • Readily available proof of compliance for faster and easier auditing
  • A scalable solution that can support increasing requests and future data privacy regulations
  • Better, more efficient customer service for their consumers


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