HCDAgile for Data Virtual Meetup

Thursday, April 30, 2020
12:00 am

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How should the principles and practices of Human-Centered Design (HCD), Agile development, and the overarching process of HCDAgile, be applied to products that have no obvious user interface? Many human-centered designers work on big data and data analytics projects, as these projects are critical to the success of many enterprises. But how do we apply what we know about HCD to projects that seem to not focus on humans, but rather, on data?

You are invited to join colleagues and practitioners in taking a look at these questions in this second HCDAgile for Data Summit.


  • Updates / announcements
  • Presentation by Kate Walton, Exxon Mobil
  • Kate is going to share her thoughts and solicit our feedback on how -- in a data lake project -- UX could (or should) engage with development teams early to influence the design and architecture of the data lake itself, long before we're talking about the detailed interface design (e.g., data visualizations). 
  • Q&A and discussion

In October 2019, a group of human-centered designers and agilists met in St. Louis to discuss this topic. Here’s an overview of the first session:

Read more about our first HCDAgile for Data meetup with videos of the breakout sessions.

Thank you for your interest in the meetup. Registration has closed. Reach out or follow us below to be informed of the next HCDAgile for Data meetup!


Kate Walton
Kate Walton
User Experience Group Design Lead, Exxon Mobil

Kate has over 25 years of UX experience and is passionate about delivering value through deep user understanding. Kate currently supports three amazing UX teams within the Upstream Organization at ExxonMobil. Her first project at ExxonMobil was focused on data, and the scope has continued to grow as the need and opportunities for a strong data foundation have grown. Ever-evolving technology continuously makes her job new and interesting, and her latest data-focused projects have kept her on her game. She’s eager to share her experience and learn from others who are working in this space.