How to Lower Contact Center Costs by Enhancing the Customer Service Journey with AI

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
12:00 am

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The customer service call experience contains friction points for both customers and businesses alike. AI tools, specifically Conversational Virtual Agents, can address many of these challenges, but the technology is new and not yet widely adopted, meaning businesses are missing out on higher customer satisfaction and lower contact center costs. Where are these friction points that can be addressed with Conversational Virtual Agents, and which ones can have the biggest impact for your business and customers?

What you'll get out of this webinar:

  • An understanding of the current caller journey state and where friction typically exists
  • Use cases where leveraging Conversational AI Virtual Agents can relieve those friction points to have the greatest impact
  • The benefits Conversational AI Virtual Agents can bring for both your callers and your business

Watch the Replay

1904labs is an AWS consulting partner, focusing on transforming contact centers with Amazon Connect and Lex. This webinar is part of a series with upcoming topics for 2022 that include: best practices for conversational design and building AI-enabled chatbots. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates!


Tom Thelen
Tom Thelen
Director of AI-Enabled Customer Service Solutions at 1904labs

Currently the Director of AI-Enabled Customer Service Solutions at 1904labs, Tom has spent the last seven years managing national technology programs at Centene, including its omnichannel customer service product strategy. With a proven track record both in consulting and internally driving enterprise technology initiatives, Tom’s focus is on leveraging technology solutions to drive results, grow revenue, and enable innovation.

Lisa Bruce
Lisa Bruce
User Experience Researcher & Designer at 1904labs

Lisa passionately advocates for human-centered products and processes that meet business goals. She facilitates experiences that help internal and external stakeholders embrace the why behind the what. She combines her experience as a UX researcher, product analyst, information architect, UX strategist and experience designer to help clients better understand their own needs and the needs of their users.