Project Voice 2023

Monday, April 24, 2023
8:00 am

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This event has passed but the recording of our session is coming soon!

About The Event

Project Voice 2023: The World of Conversational AI is the main conversational AI event in the United States, with presentations spanning voice, chat, and text-based AI from April 24-26.

The event featured the newly-formed Conversational AI Leadership Council. The Council's members signed the new Ethics and Integrity Charter around LLM-based AI models.

Our Session

5 Things to Consider Before Implementing Conversational AI in Customer Service

2:40-3pm EDT, Monday, April 24

Conversational AI can improve the customer experience and reduce costs, but not every use case will return ROI or even prove effective. Understanding the limits of the technology, how people use it, and how it fits into your organization are crucial to achieving scalable value.

So how do you implement it, and what results can you realistically expect? Hear Director of Practices and Solutions, Michael Ricks-Aherne and AI-Enabled Customer Service Solution Owner, Jay Garvey share their experience, including our work with Amazon’s Ring, on how, when, and why you should implement conversational AI.


Michael Ricks-Aherne
Michael Ricks-Aherne
Director, Practices & Solutions at 1904labs

Michael has two decades of experience in aerospace and software, spanning public and private sectors in both consulting and product companies. He served as Planet’s Director of Mission Control, operating dozens of spacecraft with a small, internationally-distributed team. He retains deep expertise in DevOps and high-stakes operational efficiency. Currently, Michael leads the technical practices and solutions divisions of 1904labs. His published works include federal rocket regulations and research on autonomous orbital assembly.

Jay Garvey
Jay Garvey
Solution Owner, AI-Enabled Customer Service

Jay has over two decades of product development experience within R&D and innovation organizations and previously spent significant time in both customer service and technical support. This background lands Jay in a role that he finds both exciting and impactful. As the Solution Owner of AI-Enabled Customer Service, Jay Garvey and the team partner with clients to enhance the customer service experience of the client's customers and employees. Most recently, the team completed work for Amazon's Ring division.

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