Big Fast Data Maturity Model

Gateway to Innovation 2017

1904labs held the first Big & Fast Data Executive Series at Gateway to Innovation.  The panel discussed the journey of three successful companies who are at varying stages in ensuring their data moves from simply being “big” to Big & Fast.

The Big & Fast Data Maturity Model

To support organizations in their journey of capitalizing on the benefits of a modern data 1904labs has created a Big & Fast Data Maturity Model. This model is designed to help you assess where you are in the process and determine where you would like to navigate based on relative use cases needed to operationalize. View the one pager or Download the Maturity Model.

Questions and Answers from the Forum

What is the Maturity Model?

Where is your company on the Maturity Model?

How do you merge systems with different levels of maturity?

How do you separate operations from R&D?

Where do you find talent for big and fast data?

What do you do for professional development?

Why is less maturity better in some cases?

Traditional vs open source solutions?

How do you manage data quality challenges?