Why We Begin With the End (User) In Mind

September 17, 2016
Aug 11, 2022
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Why We Begin With the End (User) In Mind

In the world of information technology, it is not uncommon to categorize chatter as " Tech Talk."  Almost everyone knows the teams from IT are smart, but what are they building and why are they building it eludes many.  At times the teams from IT are accused of speaking a different language.

As part of our client experience, we participate in what they refer to as a demo day.  Demo days are a time to come together to show what we are building and just as important, explain why we are doing it.

Before we begin this process, we ask ourselves that same question, "why are we building this?"  In turn, our teams discuss it amongst themselves to ensure understanding.  Further, we ponder if the consumers of our product will be able to understand the benefit.  If not we re-work our mental model.  

Acting on this best practice has resulted in some pats on the back and is a primary reason for expansion at this client, but that is not what puts a smile on our face.  What does it for us is when the end user gets it.  When our solutions are intuitive, and the reason behind it is simple to understand then we know we have done our job.