Meet Wally: 1904labs’ Own Conversational AI Virtual Agent

December 2, 2021
Aug 11, 2022
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Meet Wally: 1904labs’ Own Conversational AI Virtual Agent

A recent focus at 1904labs has been our AI Enabled Customer Service Solutions and, specifically, the ability to design, build, test, deploy, and monitor Conversational AI Virtual Agents that can replace IVR systems. While we have been doing this work for our clients, our team has recently been able to turn their sights to the labs. As such, we are very excited to introduce Wally, 1904labs’ brand new Conversational AI Virtual Agent, who will be answering the phone for us.

Built using Amazon Connect, Lex, and Lambda technologies, Wally is more than just an example of the work our AI Enabled Customer Service Solutions team has been working on. While creating him was a way for our team to continue to build tooling and frameworks to make the process smoother for clients in the future, he is also the result of us wanting to improve our telephony experience.

Wally replaces our former menu-prompt system and is designed to give our voice channel a more friendly, conversational feeling. He provides simple, straightforward service to callers and can help them with things such as where our office is located, our office times, our Covid policies, leaving a message for someone, and more.

Behind those services, there’s a lot more to Wally. Along with the aforementioned technical tooling and frameworks, Wally also gave a chance for our human-centered design team the chance to continue to design conversations and infuse a Conversational AI Virtual Agent with its own personality.

Wally is personal, attentive, charming, and has a little bit of humor to his answers if you ask him just the right question. We didn’t give him those traits just because we think those would be good traits of someone that helps others over the phone, but because our human-centered design team developed a whole backstory for Wally to make him what we see as a true representative of 1904labs. Everything he says was carefully crafted and considered, and his speech was tuned until his release.

If you want to meet Wally, please feel free to call him at 314.332.1403. He would be happy to help answer your basic questions about the labs and help you to the right person for things he can’t answer.

If you want to hear updates on his progress, you can continue to call over time, too. This initial version of Wally is the MVP, so he’ll continue to evolve with more capabilities and questions he can answer.

In the meantime, we’ll also be blogging more about the process of how Wally came to be. So if you’re interested in some of the topics mentioned above around his personality and designing the conversation, check back to learn more about how the team went from the initial ask of replacing our menu-prompt system with a Conversational AI Virtual Agent to creating Wally to represent 1904labs.