Upcoming Webinar: Harness Customer Insights With Contact Center AI

January 13, 2022
Aug 11, 2022
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Upcoming Webinar: Harness Customer Insights With Contact Center AI

Note: This webinar has now occurred. Please see the replay at this link.

Most organizations now have the technology to deliver effective customer service across mobile, voice, web, and social channels. But many are missing out on the customer insights they could be gathering from these channels.

Much like how most businesses analyze customer interactions with their website, new AI/ML technology presents the opportunity for you to catalogue, organize, and analyze how customers are interacting with your business across your customer service channels that were previously difficult or impossible to capture.

This is an exciting development in customer insights for voice channels in particular. While you previously depended on recorded calls and anecdotal evidence, you can now transcribe and catalogue each interaction and analyze it to understand caller sentiment, what paths your callers are following, what questions take the longest to answer, where you can expedite the process, and more.

At noon CT on Wednesday, January 26, Solution Methodology and Research Lead at 1904labs, Carol Righi moderated a discussion on these exciting developments between Director of AI-Enabled Customer Service Solutions at 1904labs, Tom Thelen and Director of Decision Science at 1904labs, Brandon Fischer covering:

  • How does the ability to capture this data translate into tangible business value such as greater operational efficiency and cost savings?
  • What metrics should you be measuring and what do they mean to the business?
  • What are some of the challenges you may run into with this new contact center data?