What does Decision Science Mean to 1904labs?

September 20, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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What does Decision Science Mean to 1904labs?

1904labs’ Decision Science practice is focused on providing two fundamental capabilities to our clients:

  1. Helping our clients develop insights from their data - Our Data Engineering practice is focused on helping clients organize their data infrastructures so their data is readily available for analysis and being acted upon
  2. Helping our clients develop reusable algorithms containing those insights and integrate them into their operations - Our Cloud Software Development Operations practice is responsible for getting these algorithms integrated into their critical software products

I have been asked more than once: Why did you call it Decision Science? Why not call it Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning practice? 

While Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science are integral capabilities within our Decision Science practice, we do not believe any of these names are appropriate nor can they fully describe this practice.

As such, we went with Decision Science as a more broadly encompassing term for what we are doing within this key practice.  I would recommend this article that does a great job of discussing Decision Science in more detail and why it is a critical capability to master in today’s economy.