How ‘Code with Pride’ is building a stronger LGBTQ+ tech community in STL

June 27, 2019
Aug 11, 2022
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How ‘Code with Pride’ is building a stronger LGBTQ+ tech community in STL

Code with Pride is an affinity group, hosted by LaunchCode and 1904labs, that aims to help underrepresented groups succeed in the tech industry. Our monthly events provide a great opportunity to workshop your resume, boost your interview chops, or simply mingle and make new friends. Got a question? Feel free to reach out!

Many tech companies want to help underrepresented groups find a way into the industry, but finding ways to make a positive difference can be difficult. That’s why 1904labs is grateful for its ongoing partnership with LaunchCode in hosting Code with Pride, an affinity group that’s building a community of LGBTQ+ individuals in St. Louis who want to work in tech.

Since June 2018, we’ve been putting on monthly events that are equal parts social mixer, tech-meetup and career workshop. Although the location for each event might change, Code with Pride always provides a safe environment for current and aspiring coders to discuss the industry, make new friends and receive practical career advice. Meeting in person makes it easy for attendees to receive mentoring resources like resume tips and mock job interviews. What’s more, it builds a strong sense of community that’s helping to demystify the job-search process.

‟Any kind of job search can be scary for LGBTQ+ individuals, as we may not know how a company or individual may react to discovering our sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Rosanna Speller, Software Engineer at LaunchCode and event organizer. ‟We're excited for ‘Code With Pride’ to help break down those barriers and bring like-minded individuals together in a fun environment.”

The event series is already helping to remove those barriers. One thing that’s sometimes overlooked is that helping underrepresented people break into the industry is only the first step. What’s also important, in our own workplace and beyond, is working to establish equity and inclusion, whether that means expanding employee benefits to include non-traditional families, or ensuring that everyone has a voice.

Got some thoughts on how the Labs and other companies can achieve these goals? We’d love to talk with you at our next event. In April, Code with Pride had 56 attendees, and we hope to see those numbers continue to grow throughout the rest of 2019.