The Culture at 1904labs

September 28, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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The Culture at 1904labs

Sean Walsh, 1904labs Managing Director & Co-Founder, describes his vision for a successful company culture.


At 1904, we have a culture that everybody is respected. And we want everybody's idea to make things better. Both for the client work, as well as making 1904 a better place to work.

And I think we see that because people routinely come up to me and come up to the other leaders in the company and offer an opinion on what to do next, and we take those into account and we execute on those and I think by just the nature of people being willing to step up and say hey in this area I'd like to see us do something different 6tells me that we've created a culture where people are willing to step up and and tell us what we need to know in terms of improving the culture if there's an area to do that.

We want people to be balanced individuals because we think if people are in balance between what they're doing at home, what they're doing with their health, what they're doing with their other people, and what they're doing in their work life with their clients, they're gonna do their best work.

So we don't see any value in driving people beyond a normal kind of work environment, because we want them to have balance. Because an unbalanced person can't bring them necessary innovative thinking and creativity needed to solve the kind of problems that were solving for our clients.