Innovation First: Work Where It Makes Sense

August 9, 2021
Aug 11, 2022
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Innovation First: Work Where It Makes Sense

The pandemic threw a wrench in so many plans. Like everyone, it dramatically shifted how we work and operate as a company, including where we work. Now as variants prolong the tumult and push back office reopenings, we’re examining how to “pandemic-proof” our operating model. 

Our approach to where work happens has evolved over time at 1904labs. When 1904labs started, we all worked in the office five days a week.  

As we matured, we evolved to working two days in the office - Monday and Thursday - and allowed each person to decide where they worked on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The only thing we asked each person was to keep in mind the need to make meaningful commitments to your teammates and keep them. And as a team make meaningful commitments to our clients and keep them. We referred to this as our 2 in, 3 days optional approach or 2-3 for short. 

As the pandemic arrived, we evolved to a Remote First approach to where work happens. This meant people were able to work 100% remote. We kept the office open to anyone who wanted to use it.

As the pandemic continues to move into our rear view mirror, it’s time for another evolution in our approach to where work happens.

Innovation First: Work Where It Makes Sense Each Day

This means that every team member can decide for themselves where to work each day. While I still strongly believe that in person interactions are extremely valuable as part of doing innovative work, I also trust each team member, and our teams, to figure out how to use in person, all remote, and hybrid collaboration models to best serve our clients. 

I would hope that our teams will see the value in collaborating in person and choose to be in person at least once each sprint and include any remote team members by using the electronic collaboration tools we have available. This is something each team will need to figure out for themselves.  

At the company level, we will host three mandatory in person All Hands days for everyone in the labs each year. These All Hands Days will be structured to get updated on happenings in the labs, learn together, and socialize as well. We’ll also bring our remote team members into St. Louis to spend the week with us in person. 

With our Innovation First “pandemic-proof” approach to work, we have the flexibility to meet our employees’ individual needs and respond swiftly as the target continues to shift. 

We’re always looking for innovative, startup-minded people to join our team. If this sounds like the kind of place you’d want to be a part of, check out our open positions.