Why Cortex

May 17, 2016
Aug 11, 2022
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Why Cortex

We didn't just move into the neighborhood for quick access to IKEA meatballs. . .

The Center for Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Exchange, CORTEX for short, was an easy decision for us when we looked at where we wanted to locate 1904labs. There are hundreds of companies located in the CORTEX area, many of which are start-ups. Also some of St. Louis largest companies have taken up office space in the area to give new life to some of their hardest to solve problems. The talent that resides on those city blocks inspires innovation at every turn. The investment business and community are making to ensure this area is a hub of innovation for years to come is unprecedented in the Midwest.

After completing considerable research, it came down to one primary factor; if you wanted talented people, go to where the talented people are.

CIC@CET is where we landed. This space has allowed us to scale quickly and provides us with a plethora of perks that pale in comparison to anywhere most of us have ever been. The variety food vendors, shuffleboard, ping pong, going to inspiring meetup groups in on the first floor, massages, meditation, happy hours, holiday celebrations, philanthropy are all a part of this community. That said it’s that word, community, that drew us in.  CORTEX to us is a community of talented individuals, and we are excited to be a part of it.