What Is Unique About 1904labs?

December 11, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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What Is Unique About 1904labs?

Our employees describe what is unique about 1904labs.


1904labs is unique in anything I've ever worked with in St. Louis and the reason is because it, as a company philosophy, cares about developing the developers. They truly felt like that they wanted to see you develop as an individual and as a developer in general, as opposed to what they wanted you to be, or what their in particular needs were. Whatever role they want to take on we want to support the growth of the person to make that possible. My growth here as a developer compared another places I've worked has been astronomical. This place has taught me that, I mean, shoot for the stars learn everything you want to learn.

They give us the innovation hours, they wants us to be constantly sharpening our saws and becoming better. I personally find the autonomy here to be very satisfying. I get to make decisions at what tech stacks we're going to use, what the next thing is gonna be. We decide how we're going to address the problem in a manner that works for our client. We're allowed to approach problems from a new and innovative way. We're able to rapidly prototype, we're able to try out a new idea, see if it works, and if it works we keep going with it, if it doesn't we scrap it. The clients that we work for they're able to support us with a large range of resources there's plenty of projects to work on, a great technology stack to use, and of course the funding as well.