Start Up Minds

May 8, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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Start Up Minds

1904labs motto is “Start Up Minds, Innovative Solutions”. I have been asked several times whether we are only interested in hiring people who come from startups. The answer is no.

When we talk about “Start Up Minds” it’s much more about how a person thinks and acts than where they have worked prior to coming to 1904labs. I thought Dharmesh Shah, the CTO of Hubspot, did a great job articulating this in his excellent article “7 Traits of Truly Sensational Start Up Employees”.

In our experience, we have found “Start Up Minds” who have worked in start ups and in large enterprises. The common thread is the person who wants to join 1904labs embraces developing new ideas and putting them into action over status, an office or any other trapping of a larger organization. In short, a “Start-Up Mind” is essentially nothing more than a State of Mind. A mind that is open to the possible and not encumbered by what has occurred before.

At 1904labs we see our job as finding Start Up Minds and providing them an environment where they can put it to best use to do truly innovative and meaningful work.