Marc Brooks Receives 1904labs’ Fifth Annual Tickled Pink Award

February 2, 2021
Aug 11, 2022
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Marc Brooks Receives 1904labs’ Fifth Annual Tickled Pink Award

We’re happy to announce that Marc Brooks is the winner of our fifth annual Tickled Pink Award. 

What Exactly Is A Tickled Pink Award?

In one of our very first “check-in” meetings with a client, we asked a very basic question,  “How are we doing?” In turn, we received a very basic answer, “We are tickled pink!”

From that moment, the Tickled Pink Award was born!

If someone at 1904labs is “tickled pink” with the efforts of one of their peers, they get publicly recognized with a pink feather at one of our  stand-up meetings. The Tickled Pink annual award then goes to whomever has received the most feathers for going above and beyond throughout the year.

The Competition In 2020

Overall in 2020, 97 different individuals received a feather, and there were a total of 488 feathers awarded. Twelve of those individuals were the recipients of 10 or more feathers, with Marc receiving the most with 15 over the course of the year.  

"I am stunned to receive this year's award; so many people have been so great this year. There's no way that I should be singled out. It's a joy to work with these folks!" - Marc Brooks, Agile Engineering Lead

Recognizing Marc

These are some of Marc’s feather recognitions:

  • “Joining (this team), I had big shoes to fill since I didn't have much experience with .NET and Windows Services. Marc has sat in on meetings with our client, helped give me some background on certain topics, and asked questions or provided advice to our client during grooming that I wouldn't have had the knowledge to do. Not to mention, this week he helped review over 50 PRs!”
  • “A candidate you interviewed said you were the best interviewer he’s ever had. Your honesty and candid portrayal of the labs and what it’s like to work here exceeds expectations. Thank you for being amazing!”

Some of the praise Marc received was for assistance he shared outside of the office, proving his generosity extends after hours:

  • “Thank you so so much Marc for letting us borrow your free standing AC to put in Em's room!!! Literal lifesaver! 🙏”
  • “Thanks for fixing my mixer! I especially love the new googly eyes!"
Joining in Marc’s Tickled Pink Award celebration are his family: wife Elizabeth and children.

 Feathers and the Tickled Pink Award are core parts of our culture at 1904labs. Teamwork - and recognizing our coworkers - is how we build the most innovative solutions for our clients. Learn more about our culture and explore our openings.