1904labs Year 2 In Review

January 17, 2018
Aug 11, 2022
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1904labs Year 2 In Review

1904labs year 2, just like our first, went fast. As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun” and we sure had fun in 2017!  I thought it would be good to reflect on some of the important things that transpired here at 1904labs in year 2:

  1. Our working relationship with Monsanto continued to grow in 2017. In addition we added Mastercard and Charter as new clients. We continue to be very grateful for the trust our clients place in us to design and deliver solutions for them and for all the work our team members do to ensure our clients' success.
  2. Our Core Beliefs continue to guide every decision we make here at 1904labs. You can review our Core Beliefs here.
  3. We adopted Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as our cultural handbook. You can learn more about this on the culture page of our website.
  4. We refined our Human-Centered Software Design infused Agile methods. You can learn more from this recent blog post.  These methods ensure we design and deliver the right solution the first time every time.
  5. A team from 1904labs entered the “Better with Pets” hackathon in October 2017.  The hackathon was sponsored by Nestlé Purina and run by the Globalhack organization. The 1904labs team won the hackathon and is now working with Nestlé Purina on an MVP version of their idea. We are really proud of their work.
  6. We launched a partnership with Lift for Life Academy, the first charter school founded in St. Louis in 2000. The initial focus of our partnership is to run an after-school program that teaches 6th graders the basics of software development. This program, dubbed 1904coders, graduated its first class in November, 2017. You can read more about it here. We will be continuing the 1904coders program in 2018 and looking to add additional programs with Lift for Life as the year progresses.  This partnership is part of our commitment to give back to the community we all live and work in.

Thanks to the efforts of our people and the continued support of our clients, our future remains bright as we begin year 3.  I welcome you to check back to this blog often to see how things are going and what we are up to here at 1904labs in 2018.