Our Culture at 1904labs

December 11, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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Our Culture at 1904labs

Our employees describe the culture of 1904labs.

My favorite thing about working at 1904labs is the energy. It's the best of both worlds where you have a startup culture merged with the the big company support. Good culture translates in the higher quality of software development by just being happy. The startup environment I'd say it's really laid-back and everybody is really close, tight-knit. Usually you're not as oriented towards the customer as we are here, and usually if you are oriented that way you don't have the ability to do the work correctly, you don't have the ability to do best practices and best tools.

It's a very laid-back environment and as long as we deliver the work that we're expected to deliver then the company has no problem with us doing whatever we want to do. You get enough slack to kind of do as you need to and you don't feel like you're under the thumb. There's more trust. That's what it is. I come to work every day ready to work and not burnt out and ready to go every single day. Because it's so mellow it ends up incredibly collaborative. It's almost like a little bit of magic to it. It's a culture that that we all buy into that we want to be a part of. The atmosphere here is just fantastic. It's just a great place.