Why Choose 1904labs?

December 11, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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Why Choose 1904labs?

Our employees describe why you should choose 1904labs.


I would say that the best thing about 1904labs is the people. It's a young company, it's a small company, and a lot of the people here are great to work with. They're very knowledgeable and they're low ego, so they're eager to help you understand something. We're constantly doing, you know, lunch and learns where we're all gathering together to learn on new technologies, or present on those technologies, and kind of discuss them. We're not just seeking to benefit ourselves and further our own careers, but it's really this culture of investing in others, and promoting this team greater than individual kind of feel. If we have a pow-wow, we want to flip around our chairs, we can easily talk to each other, and collaborate, and we've got all of our whiteboards everywhere. It's almost a bit of magic because it takes the right people and the right goal, and a little luck or fortune, or blessing whatever you want to call it.

Just exposure to different things that you might not otherwise be exposed to if you were in a more typical corporate environment or setting. They don't do a lot of micromanagement. They really value our personal lives and our personal time, while still getting work done at the same time. They kind of let the teams get up to the performance level, the higher performance levels on their own. We're a pretty flat organization. I mean I sit maybe 10 feet away from the managing director. The most awesome thing about working in 1904labs is that I can walk up to the owner at any point in time during the day and ask him a question. You can talk to anybody. You can bring up anything. If you see something that you think is questionable, or if you just have a question. Everyone's approachable. If you really want to feel like you're making a huge difference in the direction of the company, and the work you provide, then 1904labs is a hundred times better alternative than working for one of the Big Five, Big Ten. It's that fun innovative environment. It's by far the best place I've ever worked.