Matt Scaperoth Receives 1904labs Tickled Pink Award

May 4, 2022
Aug 11, 2022
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Matt Scaperoth Receives 1904labs Tickled Pink Award

1904labs Tickled Pink Award

You probably received much appreciation during and after completing work projects, but have you received an award for being a good coworker?

At 1904labs, we publicly recognize the efforts of our coworkers with a pink feather. Feathers can be given whenever someone goes above and beyond, whether that’s assisting a coworker lift furniture or helping think through a suitable solution for a complex project. The annual Tickled Pink award goes to the person who receives the most feathers throughout the year.


Our 2021 Tickled Pink Winner: Matt Scaperoth

In total, 222 feathers were given to 79 different lab members in 2021. Among those 79 people, Matt “Scapes” Scaperoth received the most with a total of 13 feathers, and he was presented with the 2021 Tickled Pink Award. Matt's team worked tirelessly to bring ideas to life; therefore, the team interacted with each other, accomplished many things, celebrated, and appreciated each other.

What Coworkers Say about Scapes

Here are some highlights of what coworkers had to say about Scapes in their feathers: 

  • “You made a difference to me. Thank you for being amazing, for being you, for being there, for making the labs such an incredible place, and for always making everybody feel at home and welcome.” - Alejandro Ramirez, Agile Engineering Lead
  • “A Lift in Time. We had a flat tire that could not be fixed until the following day. Matt Scapes came through with a lift that was much appreciated, bringing my daughter to school and me to work on time with no hitches. Many Thanks!” - Torah Oglander, Software Engineer
  • “Scapes has a great work ethic. Thanks for being more than a developer!” - Josh Fischer, Agile Engineering Lead  
  • “Scapes - thank you for bringing more to our client than "just" satisfying contractual commitments and showing LOVE to our clients. “ - Ken DeVaughn, Client Partner

“I like 1904labs because of how much emphasis is placed on personal growth and communication!” - Matt Scaperoth

The feathers are one of our most powerful assets in the labs. The feathers foster a happy, engaged, and productive workplace that recognizes the efforts, small and large, of our team mates. If you’re interested in learning more about our culture, explore our openings