Golf App Divvit Introduced at Innovation Showcase

May 20, 2021
Aug 11, 2022
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Golf App Divvit Introduced at Innovation Showcase

Our Innovation Hours Program gives our employees time to work on their passion projects every week. As part of this series, we are highlighting how individuals are working on themselves, working on their startups, working on their community, and working on the labs.

We recently held an Innovation Showcase during Innovation Hours where employees could discuss and share their projects. A team of 1904labs software engineers, including Glen Selle, Daniel Rodenberg, and Noah Tatko created an app called Divvit. The concept for the Divvit app came from enjoying golfing but being frustrated by scorekeeping apps that were overly complicated or expensive. To combat these issues, the Divvit creators set out to create a helpful, simple-to-use mobile application for golf enthusiasts who may also be frustrated by the existing tech and looking for something new.

Since launching in September of 2020, Divvit has grown and is now powering an upcoming 9-hole golf tournament on June 18 with 100% of proceeds going to Lift for Life Academy!

The Divvit app was built with React, Directus, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Caprover and Linode.

Watch the Divvit App in Action

Find Out More About the Divvit App Here:

This is one story of how our team is spending their time during Innovation Hours. Read more about the innovative projects our employees dedicate their time to in our Innovation Hours blog series.