Alex Rains - Tickled Pink

April 28, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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Alex Rains - Tickled Pink

We are excited to present Alex Rains with our inaugural Tickled Pink award.

Alex was nominated for the award after writing a blog posting that introduced Angular 2. We appreciate the efforts of all of our teammates.

During his time at 1904labs, Alex has proven that he is an extremely talented software developer and team member with expertise in angular and angular 2.  He has also worked closely with several other 1904labs and client teams to share his knowledge and help integrate Angular 2 components within a ReactJS framework.

What is a Tickled Pink Award?

In one of our very first “check-in” meetings with our launch client, Monsanto, we asked a very basic question of Mike Weaver head of product development,  “how are we doing” and in turn we received a very basic answer “we are tickled pink”.

What a great mental image!  That is exactly how we want to be perceived in the market.

With that comment in mind we created a tickled pink award.  If someone at 1904labs is “tickled pink” with the efforts of one of their peers they publicly recognize them and enter them into a drawing to receive a tickled pink award.