Innovation Hours: Becoming a Role Model for My Daughters

August 5, 2021
Aug 11, 2022
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Innovation Hours: Becoming a Role Model for My Daughters

Our Innovation Hours Program gives our employees time to work on their own passion projects every week. As part of this series, we are highlighting how individuals are working on themselves, working on their startups, working on their community, and working on the labs.

The Two-Part Split

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Carmen Wiedenhoffer, Director of Talent Acquisition since September 2017, has split how she uses Innovation Hours into two capacities: working on special projects in the labs -- as they occur -- and being intentional with working out. 1904labs is always looking to improve their interview process, so Carmen meets with developers during their Innovation Hours to discuss ways to improve the interview experience.

When not working on projects in the labs, Carmen uses her time to work out. Before quarantine, there were additional hurdles to getting in a workout, such as driving from the office to the gym or finding childcare for that time. But for Carmen, working from home has made this much easier.

The TempoFit machine Carmen purchased at the beginning of quarantine has become a favorite. Alongside providing time to work on yourself as part of Innovation Hours, 1904labs also provides employees with $1200 annually for personal and professional growth. Carmen uses these funds for the TempoFit monthly subscription,  which allows Carmen access to all of the classes and programs that come with the equipment. (See side image for Carmen's fitness set-up).

Getting Back on the Field 

Having been a collegiate soccer player, one of Carmen’s biggest goals is to be able to play at a high level again. Specifically, Carmen is determined to be out on the field by next year, able to do what she knows that she’s capable of in the game, and have her two daughters see her do it. The goal to play again isn’t just for herself; it’s for her daughters. They’ve been told that their mom played soccer in college but she feels it is important for her daughters to see their mom competing and feel inspired to work hard, even if it's not on a soccer field. 

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