What Makes a 1904labs Leader?

July 14, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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What Makes a 1904labs Leader?

As we continue to grow we need more people to act in leadership roles at 1904labs.  The leadership roles can be at the team, practice and/or company wide level. As such, we worked together across the company to define what we mean when we use the term “Leader” at 1904labs.  Here is what we developed:

1904labs Leader

A 1904labs Leader is committed to mastering the following 4 key attributes:

  • You are recognized as skillful: You make high quality contributions with your work. You leverage knowledge – yours or that of others as appropriate –  and you have the talent and skills needed to do a good job.  You confront and solve problems rather than letting them linger.  You are grounded in reality and always deal with the facts no matter what they are or where they might lead you.
  • You are committed to helping others succeed:  You invest your time, and use your knowledge and skills, to help each member of your team succeed. You work effectively, productively and successfully with other people in 1904labs and with our clients and partners.
  • You are able to organize and inspire: You are able to build, organize and empower individuals and teams to achieve specific goals and objectives. You are able to inspire your team to meet performance objectives and achieve a vision.
  • You are humble yet driven: You have the unique blend of humility and will that’s required for true greatness.  Whenever your team has success, you make sure that credit goes to them for their hard work.  When things go wrong, you not only are able to establish shared understanding among all parties about the problem, exercise diplomacy for your team, and show candor with the team’s self-reflections, but you are also quick to take the blame when there is blame to be taken. Your actions are driven by respect and empathy for your team members.

In addition, we hope all who agree to accept a Leader role (Team, Practice, Company) at 1904labs, exhibit qualities similar to those found in Covey’s 7 Habits in their daily work:

  • Independence:  You are settled as a person
  • Interdependent: You understand, and have internalized, that we are all reliant on others to get things done
  • Committed to Renewal:  You understand, and have internalized, the importance of our core belief of work/life balance

We encourage everyone to remain curious and find comparable material on best leadership practices. Our goal is to ensure those we place in a leadership position are properly equipped to lead others, for the benefit of everyone at 1904labs.