On the Path to Owning the Cloud

May 25, 2017
Aug 11, 2022
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On the Path to Owning the Cloud

I’ve always been a “why” type of person. Why did this work? Why did it not? Who broke the last build? Yes, sometimes it was me….  In my career, I started off writing native Android applications, then transitioned to backend development with the Spring framework. I’ve been a hardcore Java dev ever since.  

The transition from a mobile to a backend developer helped quench the thirst of always asking “why”. I liked that I knew where all the data was and why the app behaved the way it did. After a short period of time that “why” question came back. Why did the deployment break? Why did it succeed? And on and on it goes. Even better, I started to get another itch with the thought “what’s next?”. After talking with my mentor I decided to get into infrastructure/DevOps. I started down the path of learning Amazon Web Services down to its core. I quickly found that proof of concepts could only take me so far. This is where 1904labs comes into the picture.  

After talking with Stephanie Grimshaw for a few minutes, 1904 sounded promising; especially for a startup. I went in the for the interview, space was cool, the people were nice, and they wanted to specialize in cloud computing architectures… Sold! Fast forward nine months and they have kept that promise.  

So the “what’s next” for me is owning cloud deployments and automating as much of it as I can. I’ve recently peaked a lot of interest in Kubernetes and CloudFoundry, Container Linux, Go, and some of the tools put together by CoreOs. Even more recently in an incubating project known as Kubo that assists in deploying Kubernetes with BOSH in cooperation with Cloudfoundry. These tools all seem promising and I plan to explore each of their capabilities. As I move forward into cloud architectures I’ll be writing as I go.  

Stay tuned!